Order Up! – Round 2

Good news! We can confirm that we *will* be ordering another batch of t-shirts, so if you’ve put down your name for our “Register Interest” list, you’ll definitely get your t-shirts in the size you want! (Yeap but give us about 3 weeks+ to get everything done..!)

For those of you who want t-shirts but didn’t manage to catch us to register your interest, don’t fret! Click this link to do so and we will get a shirt to you. You may refer to the sizing chart below if you’re not sure about what size to get. Kindly make your submissions by this Sunday, 19th May, 10pm.

Shirts are $12 each, all proceeds will go into future SUTD Merch endeavors. (We would also highly encourage you to read the about section to understand why we’re doing this.)

Gildan Size Chart

Lastly, happy exchanges/internships/holidays to all Class of 2015 freshnomores and welcome to SUTD to all Class of 2016 freshmen!

[Note: Things are moving along with the hoodie, expect an update from us soon!]


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